Below you will find the complete list of every class JKW Innovations has ever offered.


While most of our classes are designed to meet once or twice per week, some of our courses are designed to be offered as week-long camps or special events. Special events are flexible, educational, and fun demonstrations that work around your schedule and bring STEAM, straight to you! 


We also offer one-on-one tutoring. Our tutors will work around your schedule to ensure that your student's academic goals and administrative needs are met! 


Contact us directly to set up an appointment! 

Classes Offered: (Collapsible Text)

Science Classes

Highschool Chemistry

Chemistry for Kids

Acids & Bases Class


Dino Story Build

Flashlight Build

Hungry Hungry Hippo Robotic Game



Photoshop Manipulation

Lego WeDo

Engineering Classes

Engineering Builds

Robotic Builds

Chemical Reactions

Laws of Motion

Candy Calculation

Mummy Game

Sink or Float

Boat Build Challenge

Survival Engineering

Slime Challenge

Chemistry for Kids

Egg Drop Challenge

Water Tension

Vehicle Jump Start

Experiment Process

Static Power

Ooze Challenge

Engineering Build Challenge

Zip Line Challenge

Advanced Programming

Solar Oven Build

Halloween Fun

Mind Mapping

Video Game Design

Chemical Reactions


Mixtures & Potions