Policies and Rules

Student Conduct Expectations:

Be Respectful.

⧫  We respect everyone's contributions, opinions, and efforts

⧫  We are positive and encouraging to others

⧫  We motivate everyone to do their personal best

⧫  We are friendly to one another 

⧫  We help others when we can

⧫  We keep our classroom and supplies clean 

⧫  We celebrate each other's successes and are good sports

Be Responsible.

⧫  We hold ourselves and others accountable 

⧫  We ask for help when needed

⧫  We use appropriate language

⧫  We complete all assigned work

⧫  We follow all, not some, directions

⧫  We dress, speak, and act appropriately

⧫  We do not cheat or plagiarize

Be Safe.

⧫  We are observant and promote safety

⧫  We keep our hands and feet to ourselves

⧫  We check if other students have allergies before having snacks 

⧫  We report any danger to instructors

⧫  We never leave the campus without a parent 

⧫  We follow class rules when using the internet and other technology

If a student is having difficulty meeting these expectations and their behavior is consistently disruptive, affecting the learning environment, we will follow our discipline policy. 

At all levels of disciplinary action, the student’s parent/guardian will be notified of the inappropriate behavior and disciplinary actions that will be implemented.

It's important for parents to be aware of these policies and to discuss them with their children so that everyone understands what is expected of them in terms of appropriate behavior and consequences for misconduct. At JKW, we believe in working together with parents to ensure that all students are held to high standards of behavior. We want to provide you with information on our policies and procedures for addressing student misconduct, while emphasizing our belief that parents have the only say in matters concerning their children. JKW values the partnership between parents in ensuring the safety and well-being of all students.