Our Team

Come meet our team! 


Each one of JKW's instructors specializes in delivering their own unique educational backgrounds and experiences to students! 

Joanna Donn


Joanna's Bio:

Joanna Wilson was homeschooled and graduated from the Advanced Training Institute of America. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Wyoming. Joanna has traveled the world and served with international non-profit organizations, serving in children’s ministry, tutoring, and providing teacher training for children’s workers. She is a musician and taught beginning piano lessons for children. Other experiences include providing respite care for disabled children and adults, dietary services at a rehabilitation hospital and senior care center. Joanna enjoys the outdoors, traveling, music, teaching, dancing, and nutrition. She desires to help others achieve maximum health through a holistic and natural approach. 

Bradley Richardson


Bradley's Bio:

Bradley Richardson is a mathematics major with a passion for computer science and electronic technology. He has a deep understanding of computer hardware, as well as the implementation of individual components in a completed system. As an instructor, Bradley desires to share the connection between math as the backbone of the software we interact with on a daily basis and the technology that makes it all possible.

Mr. Richardson is married with three children and two beautiful dogs. Aside from spending time with his immediate and extended family, his preferred hobby is building and upgrading gaming computers for his colleagues. Bradley tutors math and Java at college, and his prior work experience includes supervising the team responsible for the complete digital archival of documentation at Western Alliance Bank.

Nicholas Wilson


Nicholas's Bio:

Nicholas Wilson graduated from TCA (Tabernacle Christian Academy) as Valedictorian. As the top graduate of his class, he gave the class commencement speech. Nicholas demonstrated outstanding character and was awarded an academic scholarship to further his college education. Nicholas worked at Inflatable World for 4 years where he supervised children of all ages. He is currently a full time college student. Nicholas comes from a large family of eight siblings. Nicholas has a love for computer programming and coding, he is an avid gamer, and is working on finishing his degree in Graphic Design in Game Development at SDSU. We are happy to have Nicholas join our team of fun caring Instructors.