Meet the Founders

CO-FOUNDER - Jeremy Wilson


Hello! I'm Jeremy Keith Wilson, one of the founders of JKW Innovations LLC. As I've journeyed through life, I've discovered that my true passion lies in teaching and sharing information to empower the youth in our community with the opportunity to seize a successful future.

During my own high school years, I had the unique experience of being homeschooled. It opened my eyes to the fact that education is crucial, but learning and developing a strong character is equally valuable. These qualities play a significant role in shaping wise life choices during the important formative years.

With over a decade of experience in classroom teaching since 2008, I have had the privilege of becoming a highly effective, hands-on instructor across various disciplines. My ultimate goal is to assist children in achieving their future aspirations while demonstrating that STEAM-oriented learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) can be an enchanting and fulfilling experience. 

When students join my classes, they can expect a productive and fun learning environment where I seamlessly integrate core character qualities into the curriculum such as responsibility, honesty, and kindness.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, along with several certifications ranging from project management to web development. These diverse skills enable me to bring a holistic approach to my role as an educator. I have previously served as a Learning Consultant for Cox Communications and worked as a High School Counselor and teacher at Tabernacle Christian Academy. Additionally, my dedication to martial arts has led me to serve as an instructor at White Dragon Martial Arts for over 30 years, where I found joy in imparting knowledge and discipline.

Outside of my professional endeavors, my greatest joy lies in spending quality time with my loving wife, eight children, and four grandchildren. Family holds the most special place in my heart. I also find fulfillment in my martial arts practice and supporting charitable organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation San Diego.

I am driven by my unwavering commitment to education, my passion for technology, and my dedication to character development. Together with the JKW team, we are determined to lead JKW Innovations LLC to new heights, ensuring that we continue to inspire and empower the next generation of learners!

CO-FOUNDER - Allie Wilson


Hello! My name is Allie Wilson, or as your students may know me, Ms. Allie. All my life, I have been involved in teaching and working with children - whether it be tutoring one of my seven siblings, volunteering in high school and college, or working for years at youth centers all across San Diego. 

Having experienced both private school and homeschooling during my own education, I understand the importance of providing children with opportunities to explore their interests beyond traditional curriculum. 

My education and career path has prepared me to be an instructor that can offer students more than just the ability to regurgitate information. Most teachers on the planet can do that. What I impart to students is the ability to love learning itself. In my highschool years, I had the privilege of being taught by a teacher who always highlighted the importance of enjoying what we learned. He would structure his curriculum in such a way that oftentimes, I forgot all the boring parts that came along with having a math book in front of me. That constant engagement with the class made each and every lesson extremely effective. So much so, that I began developing my own similar methods to learn the curriculum in my other classes. Those imparted and self-taught lessons gave me the ability and confidence to take classes outside the highschool and graduate top of my class, an entire year early. 

During my time in college, I began putting those lessons into practice. Although I graduated with the highest honors in my major, much of my growth as an educator occurred off-campus. For years I worked at San Diego youth centers organizing elective courses, standard core curriculum tutoring, summer camps, athletic teams, and even weekend-long field trips. Watching those students grow from elementary school students to now - almost full grown adults, was the most fulfilling work I have ever done - until my father and I started JKW Innovations LLC. 

Later in life, both my father and I recognized the potential for us to create a more profound difference in the community, and we wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity by starting what students and parents all over San Diego know as JKW Innovations! 

By combining our team’s passion for community service, our love for teaching, and our unwavering determination to uplift others, we will make a difference in the lives of children and empower them to reach their fullest potential.


The story behind JKW Innovations started in the Wilson household. For starters, the house itself was bursting at the seams with children - eight to be exact! The family did (and still does) everything together from learning, playing games, going to church, and having birthday parties almost every month! 

However, like with any family, life was not always easy. The youngest of the family, Isabella, was diagnosed, at age 2, with a rare condition known as Dravet syndrome and needed 24/7 around the clock care every day since she was born. Raising and growing up side-by-side with Bella has shown each and every member of the family the importance of kindness, compassion, and empathy. Bella’s condition, however, also ignited a fire in JKW’s Founders - her condition started them down the road of wanting to help children.

Hand in hand, father and daughter have turned JKW Innovations from a single instructor tutoring service focusing on technical skills, to a fully dedicated STEAM learning center that provides comprehensive support to all children - ensuring that every student, including those with special needs, receives the tailored education and assistance they deserve.

At JKW, we seamlessly integrate our curriculum with character development and provide a comprehensive learning experience that empowers all students to unleash their creativity and excel in an ever-changing world.

JKW is a place where students of all ages, abilities, and faculties can take classes that put the “fun” back in learning through innovative curriculum, state of the art technologies and softwares, and one-of-a-kind instructors.