1. Where are your classes currently located?

1. Will you be moving locations?

2. Do you allow drop-offs?

3. Can siblings take classes together, despite the specified grade range on courses?

4. What is the $25 deposit for?

5. Do you offer a military discount?

6. What is the duration of a semester and of classes?

Core classes meet twice a week.

7. Is it possible to enroll in a class during the spring semester, even if the course began in the fall and spans the entire year?

8. Can I observe my child's class?

9. Is there a space for kids to eat lunch? What is your policy for food on site concerning children with food allergies? 

10. Can we see/tour your facility prior to registration? 

11. My charter starts 1 week after your classes start. Will my child have to miss the first week? 

12. How do I know which classes are filled?