JKW Innovations LLC

Jan. 2023 Update

Just a reminder that JKW welcomes "Drop-Offs" with back to back classes! So feel free to run some errands (or maybe just kick your feet up at home) while your student is innovating!

Dec. 2022 Update


We have some very exciting news! 

JKW Innovations LLC is in the process of securing a long-term lease that will cater to the large variety of classes we have to offer! Unfortunately, due to the remodeling that we need to do to ensure our students are given the best facility and amenities available, the building will not be open for this spring semester.

In the meantime, we will conduct our classes at the White Dragon of East County in El Cajon. This location will provide JKW and its students with the space, privacy, and interactivity necessary to create an optimal learning environment. While our very own mini-campus is being completed, JKW will still furnish our classrooms with all the same state of the art equipment we always have, such as personal laptops, laboratory equipment, and woodshop tools! 

We will be offering the same JKW courses that parents and students alike have been raving about for years, such as Mad Scientists, Electrical Engineers, Videogame Creators, Woodworking, and many more! Additionally, we are offering many new courses this semester such as College Prep - a class designed to teach students about how to apply to colleges, get scholarships, prepare for standardized tests and more! 

As always, every STEAM core class required by charters is taught in-house by our highly experienced instructors. These same instructors also offer one-on-one and small-group tutoring sessions! 

Registration for the Spring 2023 Semester is OPEN NOW! 

Check out the "Spring 2023 Classes" tab at the top of the screen for a list of the courses we are offering this coming semester, along with a detailed description of the curriculum!  Once you've decided which classes you'd like to register for, hop on over to "Spring 2023 Registration" tab and fill out the form! 

We cannot wait to work with you and your student, so that together, we can bring innovation, to homeschool learning! 

To register for our classes at the White Dragon of East County click below:

White Dragon of East County (El Cajon Location)

1331 Cuyamaca St Suite A,

El Cajon, CA 92020

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