Info Update Page

Welcome, parents and students of JKW Innovations!

As you may know, we have recently decided to offer our classes independently!

This will allow us to make the classes we've been offering for years more affordable than ever!

We will be offering many of the same classes we have offered in the past, in addition to new ones such as, "College Prep" - a class designed to teach students about how to apply to colleges, get scholarships, prepare for standardized tests and more!

As of Friday, Nov. 25th, registration for Spring 2023 classes is OPEN.

If you are interested in signing up your child for Spring 2023 classes, please click "Registration Link" on the banner above and follow the prompts! (Link will be available Nov. 25th)

We have not yet decided on a new campus location, but we have narrowed our choices down to two buildings - both of which are in El Cajon. As soon as we sign on the dotted line, we will let you know!

We expect a decision will be made by the end of the Thanksgiving holiday!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact any of the JKW team if you have any questions or concerns!

JKW will keep this page updated with any additional information we have for you!

Thank you for your continued support.


JKW Innovations Team